Sustainability Lane and Bike Zone


Sustainability Lane

Take a stroll down Sustainability Lane and be treated to a range of stalls and activities that will help us all be leaders in clean, sustainable living.


  • Experience the thrill of Australian wildlife with Animals of Oz
  • Eco Explorers and their forest school of tools and woodwork area for kids as well as nature art, bush kinder and loose part play
  • Learn how to make a frog bog
  • Learn about recycling
  • Have a chat with local wildlife rescue group
  • Water bug sampling
  • Learn local frog calls
  • Learn about our new Home Energy Audit Kit



Bike Zone

A dedicated area for all things cycling. Enjoy bike-related adventures.

  • Free e-bike tours
  • Free bike repair, and check-ups
  • Refresh yourself with a bike and blend smoothie  
  • Meet the local bicycle user groups of Whittlesea (BUG) and share the real-life experiences of cycling in different suburbs of Whittlesea.
  • An array of bicycles suited for every rider, from urban commuters to off-road enthusiasts.
  • Temporary bike parking is available within our dedicated bike zone. Make sure to bring your secure lock on the day.


The City of Whittlesea is dedicated to hosting sustainable events.

We proudly support:

  • Eco-friendly dining through Green My Plate, ensuring that your plate and cutlery is reusable, reducing landfill.
  • Reducing plastic waste. The festival also has four convenient water refilling stations for you to use your reusable water bottle.

Thank you for being part of the effort to minimise our environmental impact.