Our Cultural Collection is comprised of civic history, visual art and public art.


Civic history

Our civic history collection relates to the history of the City of Whittlesea, including memorabilia, historical and contemporary commissioned photos, historical documents, cultural gifts, plaques, medals, Councillor portraits and honour boards.


Visual art

Our visual art collection includes paintings, drawings, textiles, ceramics, photos and small sculptures.

Highlights include the John and Gillian Borrack Federation Bequest of 40 watercolours and the Thomas de Kessler gift of 41 works on paper.

John and Gillian Borrack Federation Bequest

In 2001, forty watercolour paintings of The John and Gillian Borrack Federation Bequest were donated to the City of Whittlesea, by John and Gillian Borrack. The works were painted over a forty-year period, documenting the local environs from 1961 - 2000. As a collection they remain an informative record of the development of John Borrack’s individual style as a landscape painter.

The paintings represent a valuable record of historically important scenes and buildings within the municipality and the Plenty Ranges. A large number of the artworks are currently on display at our civic centre in South Morang.

Learn more about the Art of John Borrack.


Public art

Our public art collection consists of more than 90 works created by contemporary artists in a variety of formats and materials.

Sculpture, murals, mosaics, street furniture as well as installations that respond to themes such as local history, identity and the natural environment.

Works are located in parks, libraries, shopping precincts, community and leisure centres and can be found throughout the municipality.