Someone in the Dark presented by Black Hole Theater

Someone in the Dark is an interactive show where the children drive the action and become puppeteers. It leads them through a series of surprises: entering what seems to be a malleefowl’s nest, a large mound, they find themselves instead inside an egg, greeted by a chick (Mallee) who doesn’t want to hatch, and who welcomes the children as friends. That egg is then cracked open by a lost baby echidna, Puggle, and they all find themselves inside the mound – the walls and ceiling animated by interactive video projections. As the children and the puppets come together in this unknown space, they encounter other critters: ants, spiders, winking eyes, worms, mice, even a snake! A little spooky but also fun! They learn to chase the critters (and their fears) away, and finally figure out how to get home. After false leads from Mallee, they “climb” out. The walls give way to a glittering night sky, and then to dawn spreading over the land. When a flock of butterflies appear, the children become puppeteers themselves. A feather on the wind leads the way home.

Blackhole Theatre
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