Roving Theatre

Gastropodia presented by Kinetic Theatre

A giant hairy snail, its impish rider and their elderly companion with the trolley full of lettuces, are on a journey far from home. Bewildered to find themselves in our world, and by 'our strange ways, they are nevertheless curious and friendly, and like to be patted (the snail that is!). They’re also hoping to find someone to show them which path they should take next. A visually spectacular roving show, appealing to all ages.

Kinetic Theatre makes widely accessible theatre for all ages, that can both entertain a crowd and share intimate experiences with individuals. For the majority of the works, the performers weave the art of improvisation within the crafted structure of an act, to create interactions that respond to each different audience and environment.

Originating on the streets of Fremantle in 1996, Kinetic is now based in Melbourne, Australia, and consists of a versatile troupe of performers whose training includes mime, stage acting, physical theatre, puppetry, improvisation, clowning, and costume design. Their eclectic skills have combined to produce a variety of original shows and several commissioned performances. They also create costumes and props for other companies, as well as regularly perform with other artists. Kinetic Theatre performs extensively both at home and abroad, having been invited to festivals and events in Japan, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand and throughout Europe.

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Bandicoots presented by Born in a Taxi

Back from the brink of extinction, the Bandicoots are aussie battlers, with a furry twist. With a backwards pouch and a twinkle in their eye these Eastern Barred Bandicoots are unique in more ways than one, with attitude to match. These endearing critters can crank up a dance routine or belt out a tune to shake up any event. They can't wait to show off their survival skills. No cats or foxes allowed! Interactive fun at its best.


Show Reviews and Quotes 

“The Bandicoots were such a hit!! The kids adored them and it was lovely to work with such a flexible and positive team” Rachael Whyte Melbourne Zoo Schools Fighting Extinction Program


“Born in a Taxi has the rare ability to make difficult topics accessible and immediate through interactive performance. Their ever successful model of play, art making, education and face-to-face engagement, creates space for people of all ages to hear the new message in new ways. An excellent team to work with, always professional and produce work of an extremely high quality”


"Hilarious and engaging..."

“You far surpassed all of our expectations. Your interaction with the crowd was absolutely delightful” Herson Communication Services


Born in a Taxi


Dr Hubble Bubble


Dr Hubble is Australia’s Favourite Bubbleman, over the last 10 years he has performed in theatres, festivals and schools in every state in Australia. Dr Hubble makes massive beautiful long lasting bubbles that float over festival sites creating moments of joy and wonder. Everyone loves bubbles, adults and children alike, and Dr Hubble makes brilliant bubbles of all sizes for everyone to enjoy.

Dr Hubble- Australia's Favourite Bubbleman

Bee's presented by Empress Stilts

Entertainment in flight, the gorgeous stiltwalking Bees get busy buzzing around you. Their dance is light & fantastic and sure to leave a Buzzzzz...

Night Herons presented by Sanctum Studio.


A pair of playful Night Herons will wake early to entertain and interact with audiences at the festival…

SANCTUM STUDIO is visual production company specialising in puppetry and animation.  They Initially built the Night Herons with the help of FRESH Youth Theatre participants for Walking Thomastown 2023. These cheeky night herons will entrance and beguile people of all ages.

Sanctum Studio