Lawn Stage

11.00 Main Street Funk
Main St Funk Epping offers fun, inclusive and progressive dance classes for children, teens and adults. Explore Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz and more. Find fitness, friendships, creativity and confidence on the dance floor with professional supportive teachers and a warm inviting community.

11.20 SoulVoices
Founded in the City of Whittlesea (Lalor), is a community group that consists of members who are passionate about singing in ensemble, enjoying the experience of creativity, and meeting people of similar interests. They enjoy learning vocal technique and performance by their choirmaster Michelle Francis Cook (International Mezzo Soprano). A number of our choristers enjoy the support and care within the choir, some of which suffer from physical disabilities. We are community that welcomes all nationalities, creeds and ages 18 and over. We perform for Corporate, Community and Church events and Aged care facilities. Our goal is to spread joy, life and music to all our audiences. 

11.40 Zumba Demo

12:00 Community Awards
Presentation of City of Whittlesea Community Award including thye Sustainable Environment Citizen of the Year, Access and Inclusion Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, Senior Citizen of the Year, Citizen of the Year

12.30 Findon Callisthenics
Calisthenics is the sport with performing at it's heart!   We offer a unique combination of dancing, singing and gymnastics, developing strong and confident leaders through friendship and teamwork. With classes from age 3 right through to adults, there is something for everyone at Findon!


1.00 Djerri Djerri Dancers
Djirri Djirri are the only Wurundjeri female dance group and are Traditional Custodians of Narrm (Melbourne) and surrounds. Djirri Djirri means Willy Wagtail in Woiwurrung, our Mother Tongue. The Willy Wagtail is the Spirit’s Messenger and gave us dance! Our dances honour our Liwik (Ancestors), Kerr-up-non (Family), Biik (Country) and animals. We are all connected by blood through one woman, Borate, Berak's (William Barak’s) sister. We ngarrga (dance) and yinga (sing) together as bininang (cousins), babi (nieces), girrin (aunties), baban (mothers), manggip (daughters), liwurruk (sisters) and bubup (babies).

1.30 Dave Arden and Band
For the last forty years, David Arden has worked with many of the great First Nation and Non-First Nation artists from around the world. David was the front man for the Koori Youth Band, the band recorded there First EP live album back in 1986, as part of the Rock Against Racism Volume 2. David went on to work with many of the great First Nation acts from Hard Time Band and Bart Willoughby and Mixed Relation Band (including Building Bridges) in 'N.S. W' and 'Melbourne. and Archie Roach and the Altogether Band ‘from 1985 to 1989’. 

2.30 Team Dream
Team Dream is one of Australia's most exciting bands for kids. Awarded 'Best kids live show' in the What's On for Kids awards in 2023 AND 2022, it features an energetic and diverse cast. Team Dream have performed at some of Australia's biggest family friendly events including Moomba, Melbourne Royal Show and St Kilda Festival!

3.10 pm Florina Aristotelis Dance Group
Est. 1956, The Cultural Centre of Florinians “Aristotelis” aims to maintain Greek-Florinian culture

3.30 Simon Parparo
Perth born singer/songwriter Simon Paparo has been unleashing his beautiful
music on the Australian music scene relentlessly. From an early age Simon has
been carving his own songs and covering others with a fresh energy and raw
passion that secures his audience their seats.