Book launch - Killer Addiction by local author Mike Dowsett

Killer Addiction is a gripping psychological thriller by local author Mike Dowsett, a Doreen resident.

It's a serial killer story about the brutal Addict Killer, whose victims are all tied with the common thread of addiction. A violent killing spree begins with a heroin addict, drawing a man into a hunt through a series of elaborately staged and grisly murders. At each turn, he discovers another victim killed in a manner fundamentally linked to the nature of their addiction.

If you like gripping serial killer stories like Seven, Silence of the Lambs or American Psycho, you’ll love this new book about a twisted psychopath on a killing spree with addicts in his sights. Early reviews are in, with comments like:

"Right from chapter one I was addicted!"

"A truly captivating and intriguing thriller!"

"Read this novel at your own risk and be prepared to be confronted!"

"With the twists and turns of a very sadistic mind at times I felt myself holding my breath."

"With heart wrenching moments, shock revelations, and of course the calculated chilling murders, this story will leave you both fulfilled and also wanting more."

"Well written, great story, plot twists, sex, drugs and rock n roll - it has the lot…The author pulls no punches, the language is gritty and real, perfect to portray the flawed characters and their struggles to redeem themselves. I found this book immersive and gripping, hard to put down. If you like a good murder mystery, I would totally recommend this book."

NOW AVAILABLE from a range of outlets - details available here.