'Siggi's Tree of Life' Memorial Mosaic at Greenbrook Community House

A memorial mosaic, celebrating the life of artist, tutor, gardener, mentor and friend, Siggi Pfefferle, has been created and installed at Greenbrook Community house in Epping.

Siggi's journey at the Greenbrook Community house began over 20 years ago when she attended English language classes. She was embraced by the community and became deeply connected to the house, delivering creative workshops and projects over many years.

The artists Daniela Calcagno, Cheryl Farrell, Elizabeth Kennedy, Louise Potter, Deanna, and Sonja James Florea designed the work, and chose to include an image of the tree of life as a central feature in the mosaic. This artwork showcases the many aspects of Siggi's life and her interests, as well as her contribution to art and to the community.

Images provided by Greenbrook Community House.

The mural was unveiled on Saturday 17 June, 2023, at the Greenbrook Community House.

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A video was produced around the installing of the mosaic. You can watch it, below:

Siggi's Tree of Life