Wurundjeri Stories with Ian Hunter

Traditional creation stories told by Wurundjeri Elder Ian Hunter.

Uncle Ian Hunter, Wurrundjeri elder, shared stories with all the students at Mernda Primary School. Then the Aboriginal students from across all grades drew pictures from the stories to create videos.

The story of the Southern Cross

How the platypus was created

How Bunjil made humans

Wurundjeri Elder and resident of The City of Whittlesea, Ian Hunter told this creation story to young Koori's living in the City of Whittlesea.

Artist Martin White asked them to share the story and edited their retelling. Initially this was a 2channel work projected onto bushes at a large outdoor site, so it was as if the trees/ land spoke to an audience of 10,000 locals at the City of Whittlesea Community Festival.

This was then re-worked into video for all to enjoy.

How Bunjil made humans

Special thanks to Wurundjeri Elder Ian Hunter and Martin White.

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