The Archivists

The Archivists is a contemporary movement performance.

The Archivists wear paper clothing covered in invisible words. Their heads are illuminated so they can see and read in the dark. Statue-like, they move slowly and gracefully with fine, delicate movements, pausing to recollect a gesture.

The Archivists are from an unknown place. They appear at twilight. They travel through towns and cities, across plains and over mountains, to distant shores in many lands.

They collect words, phrases and stories of everyday triumphs, precious treasures and journeys undertaken. They distill and transform these experiences into single gestures repeated over and over.

The Archivists

The Archivists was created in collaboration with the local community and the stories and produced by Ausdance Victoria with generous support from the City of Whittlesea through Creative Victoria's Creative Suburbs Program.

Concept and creative direction by Katrina Rank.
Camera and editing by Andrew Garton.
Music by Kerry Clarke and Andrew Garton.