Think 2030

City of Whittlesea Primary School Art Competition

We asked primary school aged students to create a piece of art that showed what their ideas for how we can achieve a waste free City of Whittlesea by 2030. View their ideas here in our online gallery:

Discover the thoughts behind some of the artwork:


"People don’t care about our earth so they throw there rubbish in the sea. In many country’s this is a big problem. We can make a difference in this world if we all stop and pick up any rubbish you see. Also we need to stop littering out earth is heating up"


"This artwork shows what we should do to keep our environment clean."


"I believe that to improve our environment we need more trees, plants and composting. We need less plastic and more solar panels which uses the energy of the sun which can reduce the level of pollution.

I also believe that companies need to get on board to recycle soft plastics and advertise it so everyone knows.
In my artwork I included plant boxes and a seedling drive so as a community we can plant veggies and flowers to grow.

As you can see in my artwork I have done speech bubbles of trees saying don’t cut me down. I did this as there are other resources to use to build houses and make paper instead of cutting down trees because trees are a living thing just like us."