Creative Aid

For women and children who have experienced family violence

Creative Aid is an interactive workbook intended for women and children who have previously experienced family violence and are in isolation due to COVID-19. The workbook has been designed by local artist Teagan Crouch, who has curated multiple therapeutic exercises that aim to provide families with a creative outlet during these strange times.

This project was heavily influenced by my work as the Rapid Housing Family Violence Administrator at Haven Home Safe. As a practicing artist and experienced worker in family violence, I understand that victim/ survivors of family violence can have a heightened level of anxiety throughout their daily lives. During this pandemic they could be experiencing even further stresses such as job loss, having their kids at home and being isolated from their families and supports. Creating art is a great way to practice mindfulness during times of stress and Creative Aid is my way of offering these families some relief.

The recipients of the Creative Aid packages are clients from local family violence services including Haven Home Save, The Orange Door and WISHIN. The Creative Aid packages contain the Creative Aid Workbook, which includes exercises such as mandala making, portraiture exercises, face/body painting, colouring in templates and more. The package also contains art supplies that coincide with the exercises in the workbook e.g. paints, coloured pencils, brushes.

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