Online Community Song Project

Musician Amie Brûlée has written a song based on stories sent in from our community.

We invited our community to share ideas, experiences and inspiration during lockdown for Amie to join them together song. It’s a COVID collaboration to help us keep connected and create together through music.

Thank you to all those who contributed with your submissions. Take a listen to our song here, with a music video coming soon!

Smaller Slower - Online Community Song Project

A note from Amie

Here's our finished song and a bit of 'in the studio' footage to show you how it was made.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with their stories about life during COVID restrictions - it was an honour to read your thoughts and I hope I've captured them in the song, at least in part. I'm sorry I couldn't fit everything in - it's always a challenge, having to choose what to include and what to leave out from interesting material, when you've only got four minutes of song to play with.

As a musician during restrictions, it's been an interesting time. I'm mainly a live performer which means all my usual work stopped in mid March and there's no indication of when live gigs will be allowed again. In some ways it's been a delightful slowing down as the diary became empty, but I've really been missing connecting with other people and getting out and about.

I've really enjoyed this project - huge thanks to John and Rachael at the City of Whittlesea Events, Arts and Culture for making great digital things happen while the restrictions are in place. As well as writing the song, I did all the recording in my newly set-up home studio, sang and played all the instruments (except the drums - that's a digital track), mixed and mastered the audio, and filmed and edited the video. Some of it was tricky, but mostly it's been really nice to make music at a time when my music world has been turned upside down.

I'd love to hear your feedback on the song and if you're interested to follow what I'm up to in future, you can find me at and on Facebook.

I hope you're staying sane, enjoying the sunshine and fingers crossed that we're heading out of restrictions very soon.

Amie xx 


Follow the journey

Watch Amie's process of creating a community written song here. 

Your invitation to the Community Online Song Project

Song in progress update with Amie

Special thanks to Amie Brûlée

Amie Brûlée is a Ballarat based musician, performer, storyteller, researcher and teacher.

Her musical adventures and influences range from classical to jazz, blues and folk music from around the globe, and she loves nothing more than finding a new way to interpret an old song.

Follow Amie and her magnificent voice over on her websiteFacebook and Instagram.