Community Comforter

Be part of a community project and help create a large fabric artwork that will tell our story about how we stayed together while we were apart during COVID-19.

Yarn while you darn, connect with others in your community, learn new skills and document your COVID-19 lockdown experience by creating a unique piece of textile art to share with others.

While we are physically distant, we can connect by thinking of each other, reflecting on happy memories and dreaming of future moments – then making it into art or craft.

People of all ages, stages and interests can take part by combining and interlacing threads, yarns, strands and strips of material to create textile art.

An artist will sew the pieces together to create a communal artwork that documents our connection during lockdown. The final piece will be exhibited throughout our city as a reminder of something beautiful that grew from uniting within this experience.

How to get involved

  • Choose your medium (weaving, stitching or both)
  • Gather your materials
  • Create your unique piece of textile art
  • Send your finished textile art pieces by 1 October 2020 to:
    Arts, Heritage and Events
    City of Whittlesea
    Reply Paid 60758
    Bundoora MDC 3083

For more information or for help sourcing materials contact

Creating your textile art

If you choose weaving, you will be interlacing threads, yarns, strands and strips to form a piece of fibrous fabric.
  • Find wool, or strips of fabric – you can recycle by unwinding wool from old woollen garments or cut an old t-shirt, sheet or tablecloth into strips
  • Consider what size you want – the final piece can be up to 30cm long and whatever shape you choose
  • Create a loom – you can use cardboard or sticks, or weave over a box or on a plastic plate
  • String your loom then weave your wool under and over the loom threads, up and down and turn around
  • Once you have woven your piece, carefully cut it off the loom
  • Tie the end threads to each other so the weaving doesn’t fall off.

Watch our weaving tutorial here:

Community comforter weaving tutorial

For more tips on weaving, visit:


If you choose stitching, you will be stitching a series of lines to form a simple shape, drawing or pattern.

First take a moment to reflect on a time when you felt safe and secure. Explore that memory and choose a scene. Try to draw that scene, simplifying until it becomes a simple line drawing.

  • Find cotton, embroidery thread, string or wool and choose a needle with an eye that suits
  • Find a piece of cloth – could be fabric from an old sheet/pillow slip or favourite piece of clothing
  • Use chalk, charcoal or soft pencil to draw your scene or a shape to symbolise it, onto the cloth
  • Stitch into your cloth, following your lines to lines make your drawing.

Watch our stitching tutorial here:

Community comforter stitching tutorial

If you enjoyed this activity, feel free to send more than one square!

Or make nine squares of your own and sew them together in a simple grid to create your own mini comforter for those hours on the couch.