The Whittlesea Sound Project

Become a part of The Whittlesea Sound Project as we build a community sound library.

What sounds are you aware of and how do you respond to them at home, in your backyard, front garden, park, shopping centre, school or work-place and what is your role in contributing to the beautiful or noisy sounds that we are part of every day?

The Whittlesea Sound Project is about discovering, or reconnecting to, the diverse sounds around us, as COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease, and we venture back into our communities throughout the City of Whittlesea and beyond.

You are invited to join in by listening more closely to your environment. Consider how being aware of the sounds around you affects your connection to place and ask yourself, “is there anything in my environment that could be changed to improve the quality of sounds and the way we are living in the City of Whittlesea?”

The Whittlesea Sound Project also invites you to participate creatively by making your own soundscapes to share in the project.

This project is supported by the Whittlesea Creative Community Fund.


Sample sound files

Download the Round 3 Sample Files via Soundcloud

Download the Round 2 Sample Files via Soundcloud

Download the Round 1 Sample Files via Soundcloud

This is where you can get creative with sound. You are encouraged to be as inventive as possible, to adapt these samples to make up your own original sound-worlds. There are several sound files for you to download, to invent your own Soundscapes. As you experiment with these local sounds from the Whittlesea Shire, you may notice that your awareness of all sounds increases.

Sample Sets 1, 2 and 3 are available to download to use any or all in Round 3.


Upload your creative soundscape

You could use free software such as ‘Audacity’ (, or other Digital Audio software that you may have and import your file/s. If you need help, there are many music software demos on YouTube. Now get creative! You could copy, loop and repeat sections, cut them up and re-order different parts. Use effects to help you modify the sounds in interesting ways, such as playing them backwards, stretching the sounds, changing pitch, changing dynamics, using filters, EQ and much more…

You can make your soundscape 1 to 2 minutes long. Mix it into a single stereo WAV file and upload it to The Whittlesea Sound Project here. Include a Title for your piece, together with your Name, Age and add some notes about your creative process, if you like. One submission per person for Round 3, please.

Submissions for Round 3 are due by Monday 23 August.

Upload your round 3 creative Soundscape


Listen to Soundscapes in the Community Sound Library


Gary McKie/Silonics – Music Teacher/Composer/Producer

As director of this project, Gary Mckie has made field recordings in various locations throughout the City of Whittlesea and will be contributing his original soundscapes to the project.

We have begun with field recordings made in Kinglake, Mernda, Epping and Thomastown and we will be making further recordings in other locations, as we continue to explore the sounds around us.

View Gary McKie’s full bio here