Listening to Land

A year ago, life as we knew it went into hibernation and we were asked to isolate in response to COVID-19.

Over summer, we woke from this hibernation.

What has changed? What is still changing? What can return to the way it was? What needs to stay changed? And what of the planet? And our lives?

In 2020 we saw that a de-escalation of human activity granted a short reprieve for our stressed environment. Can we do the same for ourselves? Can we take better care of the natural world? Can we see the world differently as we recover?

Listening to Land, an installation in the Great Hall of the Civic Centre, invites us to reflect on the role of nature in our human experience.

Visitors may sit by Solace Stream, a running stream created by Vin Anderson, watch Birrarung by Maudie Palmer and dream into Mernda & Yan Yean by Wurundjeri artist Mandy Nicholson, and enjoy Whittlesea by Simeon Walker.

A program of creative workshops, intimate performances and cultural activities will be offered alongside this installation, including screenings of the internationally successful film, Small Island Big Song.

Open 10am to 4pm weekdays from 10 March to 21 May 2021, Listening to Land is free and everyone is welcome.

Further Listening to Land opportunities 

The space will also be available for locals who wish to offer their own workshops or propose ideas for activities. Alongside art events, we are very interested in ideas or activities that touch on sustainability, water, climate change or celebrating nature and our place within it. If you have an idea/suggestion to offer please contact us and discuss.

For more information or to send us your brief proposal or idea, please email:

Listening to Land is a COVIDSafe event. Click here to download the CovidSafe Event Checklist.