Feelin' Groovy

Join physical comic Liz Skitch for a fun filled weekly musical adventure for people with disabilities and their carers

Incorporating movement games, extended improvisations to unleash the power of the imagination, object play and classic dance moves into the workshops.

Participants can move and groove along each week with Liz; headbanging, drumming, dancing, air guitaring and even dressing up!

The weekly workshops are shaped to the musical tastes of the participants- each week themed by a musical genre such as Soul n Jazz, Reggae n Blues, 80s & 90s, Musical Movies or celebrating a favourite artist like Michael Jackson, Elton John, Madonna, Lady Gaga or Queen! 

Join Feelin' Groovy weekly from 4 February at 1.00 pm for an hour of fun, moving, and grooving.


Fee breakdown

Face-to-face $6 per week

Online $4 per week.


Contact Greenbrook Community House

Greenbrook Community House aims to make all creative workshops accessible for all abilities.

Contact us by calling 03 8401 6261 or 0427 374 555 or email us at greenbrookch@whittlesea.vic.gov.au