Talking Rubbish in Lalor

Talking Rubbish in Lalor.

This project was supported by the City of Whittlesea's Community Development Grants. It explores the idea that within the parameters set out for us in society, we all must find a way to contextualise what is before us, to make relevant our own experience, to make what we have work best for us.

Talking Rubbish presents a series of podcasts which explore the idea of resilience in communities. 

Check back soon for the first episode.

From the artists:

"We presented library visitors with a collection of otherwise dissociated objects that we’d collected from the local op-shop and hard rubbish. Relinquished by their original owners, these objects had become anonymous, singular and unimportant.

We set the challenge: Make this rubbish mean something.  

At first, participants struggled to find any relevance to the exercise. What was the point in even trying? The limits were so set. There was nothing shiny, precious, or even interesting about this ordinary stuff! But they persevered.

For some, Talking Rubbish in Lalor was just a way to pass a few spare minutes. For others, it seemed an invitation for a brief friendship."  

This project was produced by ARC UP Australia! and funded by the City of Whittlesea Community Development Grants Program. Based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, ARC UP develop intimate participatory projects that re-present social dilemmas as human experiences.