Paused: An exhibition of art created during COVID-19

About Paused

Paused became the City of Whittlesea's recovery exhibition, a collection of artworks and outcomes created over the past 12 months, through the WCCF grant funding

The artworks featured within Paused were created whilst artists were impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, with many artists forced to step outside of their usual practice.

Paused aimed to offer visitors and artists a safe, stimulating space for community to visit and reconnect. While providing an insight into how their neighbors and community experienced restrictions.

Artist Profiles

Alisha Sazdova

Jarrod Grech

Paras Christou

Lucy Cleary

Catherine Blakey

Liz Skitch

Jake McCormick

Jon Morrison

Digital Exhibitions

Whittlesea Sound Project

The Harvest

Sharing the Music


Banner image: Jarrod GRECH, Early summer at the Wollert Quarry (detail)

The Edge of Development

A documentary produced by John Doggert-Williams that explores the effects of development in the City of Whittlesea.

John Doggert-Williams is a local filmmaker and this project was supported by the Whittlesea Creative Communities Fund in 2020 and was shown in the PAUSED Exhibition.

The Edge of Development Part 1 - John and Gillian Borrack

The Edge of Development Part 2 - Alexandra Leti

The Edge of Development Part 3 - Schultz