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From the World to Whittlesea

The refugee experience is timeless. People have always migrated, but many have done so without choice, often facing impossible challenges. So while we lament the difficulties of staying home during lockdown, this concert reminds us of those who have been forced to leave their homes.

From the World to Whittlesea is a livestreamed concert held on the 25 June 2020, featuring local poet Khalid Al’Hili, Bukjeh Storytellers, musicians including the popular local Duo Alcides, and an exciting trio, Vardos, who have performed their Romany influenced music around the world.


From the World to Whittlesea live show

Featured Artists

Meena Shamaly

Meena Shamaly is a composer, musician, poet and radio presenter. As a composer, his work centres around creating music for stories, through the mediums of film, video games and theatre. As a songwriter and poet, he tells stories about hope, justice, faith, and reasons to love and laugh. He also collaborates with other poets and songwriters in creating stories together, and helps produce and arrange their work to highlight the best aspects of their art.

Meena Shamaly live From the World to Whittlesea


Originally from a small country town a few hours out of São Paulo, Brazil, Tide is a Melbourne-based guitarist and vocalist. He plays traditional Brazilian music: Samba-Jazz, Baião, Chula and Afoxé genres which have a strong African origin and South American Indigenous and European influences.

Inspired by the likes of Brazilian contemporary songwriters Gilberto Gil and João Bosco, Tide has developed a distinctive percussive style, melding fingerstyle and articulate strumming techniques to achieve a dynamic, delicate and varied sound. The result is an organic and authentic style of traditional Brazilian music.

Tide live From the World to Whittlesea


Vardos is an all-female violin/accordion/double bass trio based in Melbourne, Australia, known for their energetic performance style. Driven by Alana's wild violin, chased by accordion and double bass, Vardos play folk and Romany music learnt from Roma (Gypsy) musicians and outstanding local music specialists during their travels in Eastern Europe. They have been serenading audiences around the world since late last century.

Vardo live From the World to Whittlesea

Aseel Tayah

Aseel Tayah is a performer, vocalist and installation artist. Born in Jerusalem, Palestine, she considers herself a non-traditional Arab Muslim woman. Aseel graduated from the College of Arts with honours and makes art with a desire to make changes in the world. Aseel’s life has encouraged her to make art that represents what an Arab Muslim woman faces in the world. For Aseel, art is an act of resistant and a tool to survive. 

Aseel Tayah live From the World to Whittlesea

Diana Nguyen

Diana Nguyen is an actor and comedian, and has performed around Australia and internationally. She has appeared on The Project, Q&A, 5 bedrooms, How to Stay Married, Fat Pizza and more. She first created content on LinkedIn in 2017 and since then has nurtured a community of over 36K followers. 

Diana Nguyen live From the World to Whittlesea

Drumming Events Melbourne

Drumming Events Melbourne bring entertainment to the next level, without missing a beat. Known for creating an entrance worth over a million views, Drumming Events Melbourne is a team who pride themselves on putting a modern spin on traditional Lebanese culture. 

Drumming Events Melbourne live From the World to Whittlesea