Digital Duet

An Artist pairing program to explore digital art.

Expressions of interest are invited for a new digital artmaking program, Digital Duet. Interested local artists will work across practices to learn new skills, reflect then develop a digital artwork, together, with mentorship from our creative team at the City of Whittlesea.

The Digital Duet program will pair local artists across physical practices in a collaborative mentorship program to build connections amongst our creative communities, share tips and experiences, upskill non-digital local artists and create digital art from creative practices that usually find form physically.  

Eligible artists will live, work (e.g. studio located locally) or be otherwise connected to communities in the City of Whittlesea, and whose creative practice in the past has been largely physical, e.g., painters, dancers, musicians interested in adding another layer to their recordings etc.  

Digital costs will be covered by the City of Whittlesea and a small fee will be available to participants. Additional costs e.g. for materials not usually found in your studio, will be negotiated.  

For more information email us