The Guardian

The Guardian, Damian VICK, 2020

The Guardian celebrates the connection between humanity and nature. It evokes a sense of calm wonder and demonstrates how the natural world affects our sense of well being. It acts as a reminder of the fragile beauty of the environment and our responsibility to protect it.

The Guardian

Sculpture information

Location: 100 The Great Eastern Way, South Morang, Victoria 3751, Australia (adjacent to Hillsview Recreation Reserve)
Date: 2020
Galvanised, painted and rusted
Material: 2mm corten steel, galvanised steel, timber, aluminium
Size: 2200mm x 5000mm x 4000mm

The Guardian Installation - Timelapse

About the artist

Damian Vick is a leading Melbourne based artist, working predominantly in sculpture and installation.

Emerging from a background in graphic design, his search for a more expressive and physical medium led him to focus his energy and passion for metal, engineering and craftsmanship in 2008.

The natural world, its patterns and underlying principles constitute a major theme in his work. Using metals, timber and other natural materials, Damian's aesthetic explores a landscape that ranges from bold and structured to lyrical and organic.

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