Golden Sun Moth

Golden Sun Moth, Benjamin GILBERT, 2016

“Based on the sensitive flora of the site, the endemic Golden Sun-moth artworks celebrate the intertwined lives of plants and beasts.

The moth lives on the roots of the Matted Flaxlily, a gesture of consideration of the environment and a reminder of the delicate balance of ecosystems”.


Sculpture information

Golden Sun Moth, Benjamin GILBERT, 2016

Location: Champions Parade, Wollert, Victoria, Australia, 3752
Material: Stainless steel and stone


About the artist

Benjamin Gilbert’s passion for sculptural form began in his father’s Old Green Shed, where a metal table and an antique vice were the tools of his childhood imagination.

“I grew up having a shed with absolutely no rules,” says Gilbert of his early life in Yackandandah, a country town in northeast Victoria. “We made a lot of cubby houses!”

Following his passion for creating things with his hands, coupled with the practical sensibility of a rural upbringing, Gilbert went on to study furniture design, but managed to fail sculpture.

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