Guidelines for creating public art with community

Art and community 2020

Broadly put, community art is any artistic activity based on, made for, or made by the community. Sometimes this is done with the aid of a professional artist and often through collaboration with people who may not usually engage with the arts.

Public art that is made by, with or for the community can take many forms. These types of art projects are generally defined by a physical object and include (but are not limited to) items such as paintings, sculpture, tapestry, mosaics, installations and murals. Art can also take the form of ephemeral or immaterial mediums, such as sound, digital or video art. Because of the diversity of mediums and methods that can be used to make public art with community, there is no one set model that can be used for its creation.

The series of questions and considerations in the below document can act as a general guide towards creating community led public art projects.

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Banner Image

Catherine BLAKEY design & lead artist
with assistant artists Lee McGILL and Gay CHATFIELD

Water for All, 2019
Acrylic (exterior house) paint, exterior plywood

Relief work on mural created with wooden cut outs painted by community.