Annual Art Exhibition 2023 - Expressions of Interest Now Open

The City of Whittlesea's Annual Art Exhibition 2023: The Webs We Weave

We invite artists from all walks of life to join us in a thought-provoking exploration of the intricate connections that shape our lives and communities.

This year, our theme The Webs We Weave delves into the fascinating webs that intertwine local and personal connections, cultural and global influences, and the way those connections find form. The Webs We Weave provides a platform for artists to reflect on the tangible and intangible threads that bind us together.

Artwork may draw inspiration from various sources of connections. Tangible connections, such as the fine but strong threads stretching across space to form a beautiful spiders web can serve as a starting point. Similarly, intangible connections such as social and professional networks or family ties offer avenues for creative exploration. The exhibition welcomes the investigation of intergenerational, interpersonal, spiritual or emotional connections that weave the fabric of our lives.

Webs contain negative space, so gaps and holes may interest some artists while others may be interested in the structure – denser at the centre, sparser at the edge.  Weaving may be interpreted literally by a textile artist, or become movement, or a pattern or concept behind a painting, drawing, sculpture, or other medium.  Sound artists may be inspired to weave layers while writers use their words and ideas. 

The possibilities are vast, offering artists the opportunity to explore, express and share their experiences.

Visit Smarty Grants to submit an expression of interest for the City of Whittlesea's Annual Art Exhibition: The Webs We Weave.                            

Key dates:

EOI’s open: Monday 19 June

EOI’s close: Monday 18 September

Notification of successful submissions: Monday 2 October 


Image: Spectrum, Lucy Cleary